Heavy drinkers have a 79% higher risk of blood cancer

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Limiting your drinks means lowering your health risks

Those who have left alcohol rehab centres for treatment have noticed a big difference in their physical health.

Attending rehab not only improves a person’s physical health but is also can undo the damage that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol has done to their mental health.

When most people think of individuals who attend rehab, they may think it is for people who are ‘too sick’ to complete treatment.

That is not true!

There are different types of people that go to alcohol rehab, but they all have the same thing in common.

They want to get better.

How does alcohol cause blood cancer?

There are three different ways in which alcohol can cause a person to develop blood cancer.

  • When someone drinks, the alcohol turns into acetaldehyde which can damage the DNA, this causes cells to be stopped from preparing the damage and can cause cancer.
  • Some hormones, such as oestrogen, can be increased by drinking alcohol.
  • Heavy drinkers have decreased levels of folate, a crucial vitamin that aids in the proper production of new DNA in our cells. According to various studies, cancer is more likely in those who have low folate levels in their blood.

While it is true not everyone who drinks alcohol will develop blood cancer, there is still a higher risk they can get cancer than those who do not drink heavy amounts of alcohol.

There is no definite way to not get blood cancer, but lowering your alcohol intake can play a significant part.

How does blood cancer affect alcoholics?

Some people may have been diagnosed with blood cancer and may be unable to stop drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is not advised to those who have cancer because it will continue to harm their body.

Those who are heavy drinkers and cannot cope without drinking alcohol are recommended to attend alcohol rehab centres to focus on getting help for their addiction. View this rehab guide here.

Some people who attend alcohol rehab centres are in a situation where they need to get better so it can help them beat cancer.

But, that does not mean you only need to attend rehab to beat blood cancer.

The quicker you get help for rehab, the more you will notice your health improving.

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